Natsuko Tezuka started her career as a solo dancer in 1996. She produced her first Anatomical Experiment series with the theme of body observation in 2001. She was a finalist of the 2002 Toyota Choreography Award.
She was appointed as an artist-in-residence at ST Spot in 2005. She has organized "Dojo-Yaburi" project - an outdated practice of getting into her attractive artists, studying and sharing each other's methods for dancing since 2005.
She performed the second part of the series as part of the New York Japan Society’s “Emerging Dancers and Choreographers” project in 2005. She was part of participants in “Australia - Japan dance Exchange 2006” in Sydney. She performed Private Trace in “Japan Now 2007” in Berlin and Poland. She was invited in “The 9th IDF Jakarta (Jakarta International Performing Arts Festival)” and “Artists Open Doors: Japan/UK” in London, 2008.
Her latest work, Anatomical Experiment 5 is premiered in 2010. She will take part in “CAN THE SACRED BE PERFORMED?” – research project in Helsinki, give her workshop and perform, November 2010.
Since 2003, she has offered workshops for intellectual disabilities, dancers, actors, musicians and common people.


We dance 2010

KAIKOU KINEN KAIKAN(near Kannai or Nippon oodouri)


This is forum at dancer of contemporary.
KAIKOU KINEN KAIKAN is old building from 1917.
This forum have Various dance program, they are individual.





"Kamimura's Tezuka and Tezuka's Kamimura"

3/20(Fri)・21(Sat) 15:00/18:30

【Venue 】 studio GOO

【Choreographer&Dancer 】 KMIMURA Megumi, TEZUKA Natsuko

【Ticket 】・adv.¥2000/・door¥2500

【RSVP 】 042-689-5593/natsukote@gmail.com


Natsuko Tezuka unveils her unique talent in the Anatomical
experiments series where her detailed body parts serve as the
ingredients. She and her unprecedented dance work cling to my
mind like no other. Sara Hirokawa / Theatre Guide (May 2003)

The metaphorical body of Natusko Tezuka is, once again, a
negative that catches the vacuity where an identity fades out
in a motion. Daisuke Muto / Bacchus (May 2003)

An experiment could be that it understands the nature of dance
while located in the far north. If you still don’t know her,
take note of the name, “Natsuko Tezuka”. Manabu Kimura / Bijutu
techo (September 2003)

She impressed me with her such concentration as if exploring
into the individual consciousness throughout her body, which
eventually prunes away all the excess. Kazuko Kuniyoshi / topics:
The moments of creating dance techniques (September 2003)


Anatomical experiment
Starting with a scene where she wears a bag on her face and
draws on it with a crayon. Small dances choreographed on
different parts of her body including a mouth dance and a face

Anatomical experiment version 2
Being looked at on the floor as if she were a microbe observed
through a microscope. She gives meticulous orders to detailed
parts of her body, which is a process of dissection that awakens
independent consciousness in the fragments of a body, that
leads to the discovery of unrecognized connections and the
encounter with the unknown self.

Anatomical experiment version 3
A dance piece of thinking aloud where she gives orders to the
body parts while another self faithfully obeys such orders.
Composed with a list that contains no fewer than thirty orders,
it employs a rare choreographic methodology.

Anatomical experiment version 4

Private Trace 2009
This piece is for observation of relations.
A body stores up its reactions to what it relates to and encounters with since its birth,and keeps building walls and breaking them. The way one builds a wall is unique, and the uniqueness speaks for his or her individuality. The way one's wall exists, which generates urgent screams and squeaks, is fascinating, and to observe it is a wonderful thing to do.

A chain of relations that are reproduced every day-that is what constitutes the world. Let's take a part of the most familiar relation and observe it. Probably you will never know what really happened there. Perhaps it has never existed. I want to cast a light from this and that angle on its surface with complex texture to discover the "inexistent substance" because I cannot help searching.

a map of anatomical experiment
Performed in minimum spaces, mostly in galleries. An omnibus
work and a daring experiment of dispersed thoughts. Each
performance is an alteration using the same title.
Sumidagawa aquatic art bus
Performance in a tourist boat running on Sumida river. Some
middle school students at their school excursion were found
among the innocent audience. Everyone gawped at her in mute
Anatomical experiment: Street Car Arakawa Line
A clattering train with Tezuka on it draws frozen looks from
passersby. Did the passenger audience in the train feel as if
they had turned into an attraction in a show tent?


Apr. Dappi at Theater ANNE FOLLE
May. Humming and monologue at Culture Forum
Oct. Sleepy people at Session House
Feb. Huratto at Session House
Mar. Tokyo-Daiichi-Shiei Pool as a dancer in Nibroll,
perticipated in Avignion Festival
Jun. Perticipated in Kagurazaka Dancing Allnight
Sep. Togaki (stage directions) at ST spot
Jan. Anatomical experiment at ST spot
Feb. Performend the work choreographed by Mikuni Yanaihara
in Yokohama Dnace Collection
May. Performed Anatomical experiment at Dance Box
Jul. a map of anatomical experiment at Pepper’s Gallery
Sep. Anatomical experiment in Sapporo
Nov. a map of anatomical experiment at Design Festa Gallary
Jan. Anatomical experiment version 2 at ST spot
Apr. Anatomical experiment Doubles at Gallary Le Deco
Jun. Participated in Asahi Art Festival, Suijo Art Bus
Jul. Nominated Anatomical experiment version 2 in Toyota Choreography
Sep. Anatomical experiment version 3 at ST spot
Oct. Anatomical experiment version 2 in Maebashi
Nov. Anatomical experiment version 3 in Nagoya
Jan. Anatomical experiment version 3.1 at Azabu Die pratze
Mar. Anatomical experiment in the Street Car Arakawa Line
Apr. The opening performance for Dance and Media at Goethe
Institute Tokyo
Jul. a map of anatomical experiment at Gallery Le Deco
Aug. Perticipated in Dance Hakusyu 2003 and Dance Picnic at
Biwako Hall
Nov. Sumire - a genius girl at ST spot (featuring Mika
Dec. Anatomical experiment version 4 at Tokyo Metoropolitan
Art Space
Anatomical experiment version 2 at Uplink Factory


Started a strict training of violin at the age of four, and its
continuous education over ten years established her love-hate
relationship with classical music. Her solo career started
after completed a course at Nihon Maimu Kenkyujo. While exploring
the possibilities of pantomime, she came to call her
works dance. During this incubation period of single-handed
solo performances, her world “stagnant and tense” was actualized
through her works. Had performed in a dance company
Nibroll since 2000.

Anatomical experiment, a piece that attempts experimentation
with her own living body was created January 2001. While
working at ST Spot where the performance took place, she performed
a series of works: [a map of anatomical experiment],
which employs minimum space use with more experimental style,
Anatomical Experiment version 2, the crystallization of her
private experimental results; this work was nominated in Toyota
Choreography award and performed in the following July at Theatre
Tram. Participated in Asahi Art Festival, Suijo Art Bus
[aquatic art bus], dance performances in a tourist boat on
Sumida River. Anatomical Experiment version 3 released in
Sapporo and Yokohama.

Performed Anatomical experiment version 3.1, an elaboration of
her previous work in January 2003 for “Dansu ga mitai” organized
by Azabu Die pratze. Served the opening performance for
“Dance and Media” at Goethe Institute Tokyo in February. Performed
a map of anatomical experiment at Gallery Le Deco in
their program for new challenges of ever changing body. It was
the fourth performance of this piece.